Friday, November 25, 2011

PageRank 1 Achieved

I started off this project with a bang and then realised that I had little for this project as I was too caught up with work. But anyway, even by spending very little time on this "failed" project, this blog has already achieved a pagerank of 1 in Google.

Well, I am using this pagerank checker so you can try it if you do not believe me.  The problem is that pagerank is just an arbitary number and it really does not mean anything.  Seriously.  I have pagerank 3 sites but that does not mean anything as the traffic and all might still dwindle down overtime if one does not make an effort to provide interesting content.

Anyway, I really hope to keep up with the effort and make it pagerank 3 in 3 months.  I have roughly 1.5 months left to go and with my current busy work schedule, I am not sure that it can be achieved.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

BackLinks Built

So roughly ten minutes after starting this site, I have done a great job of building some backlinks from a couple of my existing sites. By the way, this is the pagerank checker that I am using. The pagerank that it currently is showing is N/A which I guess is a polite form of saying: "No PageRank for you...we don't even know if your site exists!!!"

Well, all that can probably change in the next 3 months so we will just have to keep a lookout. So do bookmark this site and check on its progress from time to time. I have a really good feeling about it.

The backlinks that I have built today includes:
3 x PR2 sites and 1 x PR1 site.

If you are interested in doing a link exchange to this site, do let me know by dropping a comment.

Show Me The Crazy

This is the official first posting of Show Me The Crazy. A crazy idea popped into my head today and I nearly brushed it aside. But after thinking about it for sometime, I thought to myself : "Why Not?" And thus, this blog is born.

What I am trying to do with this blog is simple yet crazy. I am attempting to make this blog wildly successful and popular. And I have given myself 3 months to hit the first target. The first target is this: Getting a PageRank of 3.

Well, it is really a crazy idea because I have never gotten a pagerank of 3 for any of my sites. And to attempt to do this in 3 months is short of anything but one word: CRAZY.

But I will attempt to do it. And 3 months later in 16 January 2012, we will see how high a pagerank this blog can go.

The pagerank today for this blog stands at 0. But hopefully be D-DAY (16th January 2012), all that will change.

Wish me all the best.